Have you ever been driving along when someone suddenly stopped in front of you for no reason? You may have been a potential victim of Pennsylvania car insurance fraud.  If you were able to stop your vehicle in time, you just escaped being part of a fraudulent claim.  The reason why these situations happen is because criminals seek out victims who appear to have insurance and then try to get the victims to cause damage to their vehicles.  The criminal then profits because he does not use the insurance settlement to repair his vehicle.


If you have been in an accident, you should keenly observant of what is going on around you.  If you notice that there are more than two people in a vehicle, you should try to get their names and addresses.  If you cannot get their names and addresses, you should try to write down what they look like.  Criminals sometimes hire people to ride in their car so that they can claim that everyone was injured inside of their vehicle.  They then try to settle with the Pennsylvania car insurance company and may even hire an attorney to help them.  Pay attention to the damage on the vehicles because this is often indicative of how severe any injuries should be. 


If a vehicle suddenly stops in front of you, and you hit the vehicle from behind, you should know that you don’t have to communicate with the driver.  You should take down the license plate number of the vehicle and call the police.  If the driver approaches you and tries to tell you that everything is okay and you can leave, ignore them.  If you leave the scene of an accident and they have written down your license plate number, the police can track you down.  What may happen if you leave is that the other driver will say that you left without cooperating and you will get a ticket.  Then you will have a chargeable accident on your file and your Pennsylvania car insurance policy rates will increase. 


Faking a bodily injury is one of the most common fraudulent Pennsylvania car insurance claims.  If you are driving through a parking lot and someone puts their car into reverse, you should honk your horn repeatedly.  If the other driver continues to back up even though you are honking, you know that there is a potential for fraud to occur.  If the other driver claims immediately that their neck hurts, you should be aware that this is probably going to be a bodily injury claim that is fraudulent.  Don’t move your vehicle and look to see if there are any witnesses.  Don’t say anything and call the police.  The driver of the other vehicle may try to say that you hit their vehicle and they may move their vehicle.