The answer to the question: Is anyone who drives my car insured? is that it depends. Most Pennsylvania car insurance policyholders do not read the automobile insurance documents and ask questions. Before loaning the auto to anyone, whether it is a family member or friend, a quick call to the insurance agent eliminates surprises. After an accident, many vehicle owners are surprised to discover they do not have insurance or have reduced protection. The time to check this important provision is before it is needed, not afterwards.


Listed Drivers

Pennsylvania car insurance rates are based on the drivers and the vehicles. This is why insurance agents are so careful to collect information on everyone who will be using the automobile and lives in the house. People listed on the insurance policy with valid driver’s licenses are protected to the maximum limits as long as they do not intentionally cause the accident or damage.


Other Drivers

Insurance providers have their own rules about unknown operators and coverage. A friend or relative who borrows the car occasionally may be insured. Most companies will not cover people living at the same address if they are not listed as additional drivers. This is a major problem when children return home, relatives move in temporarily or people share an apartment or house. Of course, if the automobile borrower has a vehicle and insurance on the car, his or her insurance company may provide some protection.


Potential Conflicts

Under PA auto insurance laws, all vehicles operated in the state must have insurance. Pennsylvania is a no-fault state.  All vehicles must carry Personal Injury Protection of at least $5000 which pays the medical bills of anyone injured in an accident. Liability insurance in the amount of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident must be carried as well as $5000 to cover property damage. Most Pennsylvania car insurance coverage is written for higher liability limits and with comprehensive and collision protection. Comprehensive and collision repairs or replaces the car when it is damaged in an accident. When people borrow someone else’s vehicle, this coverage may change.


Possible Problems

Insurance providers may object to the driver and change the terms and conditions of the insurance. It is up to automobile owners to carefully research the company’s policies when they ask for Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes. This way, the car owner knows if the liability limits will be the same with another driver. Sometimes, an unlisted driver may not have any insurance.

It only takes a few minutes when comparing Pennsylvania car insurance rates to ask about the insurance providers policies. One of the questions should be: Is anyone who drives my car insured. The agent should know. If the insurance agent is uncertain, he or she can call the company and ask. However, the policyholder needs to verify the information on the insurance documents or ask for a written statement. This is the only way owners of Pennsylvania car insurance know what, if any, protection the vehicle has when someone else drives it.