In Case you missed it, a while back I put up a thread listing all of the pennsylvania auto insurance rates that were “on the rise”  Maybe your insurance company was on the list ? 


Even if your insurance company wasn’t on the list for rate increases there might be a couple other things to consider. First, you may have earned some long term “percs” with your current insurer…that’s a good thing…that’s also a good argument for not shopping around. You might be surprised to know that some of the preferred companies I represent want your business enough to offer even more percs to pull you away. Don’t believe it ?….how about accident forgiveness from day 1 ? If you don’t think that’s a good thing, try calling one of the captives like state farm, or nationwide and asking them how long it will take a new customer to earn accident forgiveness. Something like 5 years minimum to earn accident forgiveness with many companies.  With many companies “using” your accident forgiveness is a “one time” deal….you used it and it’s now gone…forever. One of our best companies offers the option to “recharge” your accident forgiveness in three years of safe driving. Not to mention this company has the lowest rates in the area for people who fit their “preferred” driver status.


Don’t think you can’t be saving just as much money as the ones you’re seeing on my website or in our ads. Your odds of saving over $200 when you call my office are pretty good. Currently 2 out of 3 callers are saving money at my office.


Saving money isn’t everything you say?  There’s one thing we’re in total agreement on. Pennsylvania auto insurance rates sometimes are all over the board. What’s nice to know is that you’ve got an agent who’s always looking out for you. When I see rates on the rise with companies we do business with…the plan of action is to shop with other companies to look for potential savings. I’m typing this thinking…”nobody does this” only my office. I know firsthand that other agents think they don’t have the time for this type of activity. My philosophy is to take care of those who are taking care of me first…then I take care of new clients. If you don’t have an agent who’s looking out for your best interest…but you know one who does…well, you know the ending to that sentence.


Pennsylvania auto insurance rates that are affordable and service that is tops. You find all of that here and we’re pretty proud of that fact. So proud, that I have a standing offer to all my clients to pay $100 cash to anyone who can make a suggestion that helps me improve my service to clients.