Looking for a better rate on pennsylvania car insurance ? Sure you are… can you find it here ? 


Wish I could answer those types of questions with a reliable answer. I can say my agency gives the best service…and I mean service that makes clients “raving fans” not the canned “good service” crap I hear every company spouting off about.  You only need to look as far as our customer testimonials that come through the door every day.  Good service leads to boatloads of new clients…and I don’t mean cuban defectors. There’s a reason your neighbors are raving about the service we give…it’s the real deal.  But back to the great, shiney new lower rates on pennsylvania auto insurance…


Here’s the deal on pennsylvania car insurance…if you have crappy credit…you probably won’t be getting a great low price. When credit scoring was first started, the insurance department required that no company could raise your rates because of your credit…only lower the rates. So the low credit scores were “grandfathered” in right alongside of those with good credit. That’s the deal, straight to the truth.  Sorry…I didn’t create the system, I’m actually only one spoke in the wheel. Rightly or wrongly, the credit factor is becoming pretty big in this business and to get a great rate you’ll need great credit. 


Here’s the problem…the great credit scores are stuck in with the low credit scores in most older systems. You didn’t think an insurance company was going to call you and tell you they could give you a lower rate did you? Meanwhile the same companies are out aggressively trying to write new business and giving better rates for great credit scores to brand new clients. Only in America can a system like that run free! 


Moral of the story…if you haven’t shopped for pa auto insurance quotes…and you have good or great credit, I’m going to save you a boatload of cash on your car insurance. That’s right..YOU are my target market. You’ve been stuffed in  a group where you don’t belong and you’re helping subsidize the rotten drivers and keep their rates lower. Well now you know and now you can do something about it.


Stop drowning in the debt of overpriced pennsylvania car insurance and get into some serious savings. And if you don’t think my service is the best you’ve ever gotten, use my money back guarantee.