Chester's 17th birthday !


    Okey Dokey then…. hey I’m 48 years old and thank God my high school english teacher is long since passed on…she would ring my neck if she saw my grammar.  How I made it through college english was beyond my wildest imagination.  Oh yeah Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes !  


    Normally I enjoy writing to my blog and putting up useful information for anyone who can use it. The second part of writing to my blog and creating those little blue “backlinks” is that Google gives me a tiny bit of authority for each one that is posted. So…you may have guessed the topic of this thread….just like an episode of Seinfeld…this post is also about nothing. Well nothing important at least.  Gone to the dogs popped into my head when I thought of my 17 year old lab mix who has been the best old buddy you could ever ask for. Heck…I took him out on the proch this morning to put him on his run and take his morning bathroom break. Well it was raining pretty hard so he decided to just pee on the porch !!! So….6:15am this morning while I’m using the carper cleaner on the porch…I’m looking at that old grey geyser and mumbling under my breath. Guess what ? We got 15 years out of him with hardly ever an accident. So I guess he’s entitled to a little “indoor plumbing” treat at this advanced age.   


    Alright, back to Google and the backlinks…. Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes seems to be a keyword phrase that many people type in when they’re looking for some rate quotes so….gotta do my part to keep up with that lizard, the cave man and everyone else that’s trying to get your business.  Next time, try us out and see if we can’t keep our streak of saving folks money going strong, maybe we’ll save you a few hundred or so.