You just bought a car in Pennsylvania but you are still not sure of the kind of insurance to get for it. This state is one that is a no fault when it comes to car accidents. This means that in every accident there must be compensation to damages disregarding who has caused the accident. One of these car insurance covers is the Personal Injury Protection, which is most commonly known as the PIP. This is cover that will take care of your medical expenses for you and your passengers in the event of an accident. It does not cover any cost for other damages only medical expenses. The minimum cover you can get is worth 5000 dollars. When asking for a Pa car insurance quote, these coverages are important.


There is also the uninsured cover and underinsured covers. Uninsured cover is good for those people who lend out cars to people have not taken up insurance. The underinsured cover is cover for those people who are driving your car, but do not have sufficient insurance on their name. Both of these covers are not compulsory in Pennsylvania. You can take them at will depending on your situation.


Also available is the Tort system. This is applicable where you seek compensation when another driver is at fault for injuring you and your family. You can either have a Full tort, which does not restrict on the financial compensation to the injuries, or the Limited tort, that has restrictions. This cover can also be referred to as the bodily injury cover. It covers expenses on injuries or deaths of the driver, other drivers, passengers or pedestrians.


Another cover is the Property damage cover. This type provides costs that are used to replace any property damaged in the event of an accident. Costs on damages may either be replacements or repair depending on severity. If it is repair then it is done with the same type of quality and material originally used in the car. It is not only for vehicle involved but also for property that may have been affected by the accident.


There is the Third party car insurance that involves cover for the third party. This means that those who get compensation were affected by the accident and not you as the policy holder.


There is also the Comprehensive car insurance. This cover will involve all manner of things that may bring to the degradation or loss of your car. This is from theft to accidents and fire. It is quite more expensive than the other insurance packages. This cover may be good for those people who have new cars and they would like to insure it against loss. Leasing companies also use this cover because of the exchange of cars to different people now and then. If it is leased and the person disappears with it, then you can get your compensation depending on the circumstances of the theft.

In Pennsylvania car insurance, the insurance policy holders are normally issued with temporary insurance cards. It is the simplest way to prove that you do have insurance. Other methods used are insurance binders and insurance receipts used after payment of the insurance cover.