If you are like me, you are tired of paying rising Pennsylvania car insurance rates.  Every year I opened my auto insurance renewal I cringed at the thought of how much my insurance would increase even without any tickets or accidents.  I retrieved quotes from dozens of different agencies in hopes of finding lower insurance rates.  What I found, however, was expensive rates that seemed excessive based on the amount I drive and the type of vehicle I own.  It was not until my visit to the Williams Agency that I was satisfied.  Agents with the agency introduced me to the Progressive Snapshot Program and now I pay premiums based on how much I drive and not based on averages throughout the state.


It is not common to find personalized insurance coverage through any insurance company or agency.  When the Williams Agency told me that I could enroll in a program where my premiums would be based on my driving habits, I was intrigued.  If you are like me, you believe that sometimes things sound too good to be true.  I have been enrolled in the Progressive Snapshot Program for more than a year now and I could not be happier.  Here is how the program works if you are interested in receiving a sizable discount just for driving less and during safer times throughout the day. 


How Does The Program Work?


Initially, I was wondering how an insurance company could track my driving habits without invading my privacy.  After all, it is easy to write down how much you drive and get a discount based on false information.  The company actually sends you a diagnostic port that you have installed in your vehicle so they can accurately track the miles you drive and the times of the day you are driving.  The computer is delivered to you after your policy is issued and will work on any vehicle with a diagnostic port.  When you are driving, the computer will take  snapshot of your habits so you can receive discounts.  It is so common to pay too much for your insurance because you do not know about available discounts.  With the Progressive Snapshot Program, you do not have search for discounts because the discounts are automatically applied.


What Does Progressive Look For?


You can receive three different discounts based on what the computer tracks.  Miles driven discounts are applied when you drive less than average.  The Time of Day tracking will give you a discount if you avoid driving on the roads during busy hours like in the morning or during evening commutes.  The last discount is applied from the sudden stops tracking.  This is a way to see how safe of a driver you are. 

If you are paying too much for your insurance it is time to invest in a personalized policy.  Insurance is not one-size-fits-all.  With advances in technology, you do not have to pay for someone else’s driving habits.  Visit the Williams Agency and discuss premiums today so you can save money like I did.