Working on some of my marketing at home recently and I came to a roadblock trying to come up with ideas to provide more value to my clients. On a whim, I asked my 9 year old, Sierra, what she thought was one of the best things we could do at the agency to make our clients happy enough to tell all their friends about us. She was more than happy to sit down and whip up an ad for her dad to use. I’m printing her response verbatim: “ Come to Eri and meet Debie at the front desk and Jacqueline and Patty and Dan(upstairs) You could even earn $300.00 in only one year and best of all you might even leave with more money you came in with. You will love the people there and the service and you will just love it there so hope to see you soon”

I may not have been a straight A math student, but I think my daughter may have put me on a collision course with bankruptcy court if that ad goes to print. As much as I’d like to help some of you earn $300.00 the state insurance department frowns on that sort of thing.

What I can do however, is appeal to your good judgment for suggestions to help me offer the best services you’ve ever had from an insurance agent. I encourage you to send me your ideas, suggestions and input to I look forward to hearing any ideas you have.