Because drivers are forced to buy insurance for 40, 50 or 60 years, learning to find cheaper Pennsylvania car insurance saves thousands of dollars over time. Not only is automobile insurance required by the state, it is a wise investment in the financial future of any driver and automobile owner as it protects people from costly accidents and lawsuits. These techniques are known as the 3 S’s and are safe drivers, safe automobile and shopping.


Although safe drivers are technically known as drivers without an insurance claim, automobile accident or traffic ticket for three years or longer, smart people include defensive driving courses and good student discounts in this category. Good driving habits and avoiding accidents come from experience, which young drivers do not have. However, inexperienced drivers can take safe driving courses or defensive driving classes to supplement skill. This education alerts students to changing road conditions, like rain, snow and sleet as well as surface changes from pavement to gravel or dirt. Classes also teach safe following distances and when these need to be increased. According to the detailed records kept by insurance providers, high school and college students carrying a B or better average have fewer accidents qualifying them for reduced premiums. Obviously, you don’t become a safe driver overnight and get lower insurance rates the next day…time will be a big factor.  Some of the new rating platforms also take atrending factor into consideration. This means that even if you had an at-fault accident last year, if your previous ten years were good you may not be charged for the accident.


A standing joke in the insurance industry is if James Bond would drive a car, the owner will not want to insure it. Expensive vehicles and vehicles with high horsepower motors cost more to insure. Repair expenses are higher and faster driven cars do more damage. Although everyone wants to drive the flashy sports car capable of going from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds, a four or six cylinder four-door sedan has cheaper premiums. Likewise, a vehicle with safety features designed to protect the passengers and make handling easier is rewarded with lower cost insurance. Insurance companies like vehicles with extra airbags, crumple zones keeping the passenger compartment intact during collisions, antilock brakes and tire pressure monitors which alert drivers to underinflated tires. Before buying a new or newer vehicle, smart drivers consult insurance agents for a list of safer cars and trucks. Collsion experience is a big factor used by insurers as well. Data compiled by industry sources determine which cars are involved in an “above average” number of accidents and these cars are charged a higher rate on comprehensive and collision coverages.


Shopping for car insurance saves money and is a quick and easy process. Insurance companies compete to get business and advertised everywhere for new customers. The Yellow Pages of the local telephone directory, TV and radio, classified ads in local newspapers and free white, green and yellow sheets and the Internet have hundreds of insurance companies willing to give anyone quotes. In just 10 minutes or half an hour, shoppers can compare several different policies and find the best deal. This is truly dialing for dollars whether the person makes a telephone call, walks into an office or applies online.


As long as a person operates one of these freedom machines, he or she needs insurance. Three tricks to better insurance rates are careful, educated drivers, vehicles designed to protect people and comparing premiums. Finding great Pennsylvania car insurance rates is easy with these 3 S’s known as safe drivers, safe cars and shopping.