It is typical for Pennsylvania car insurance rates to be higher for sports cars than for other automobiles due to the high cost of parts and services, the increased risk of driving a car with less protection and capable of reaching higher speeds, and the tendency of many sports car owners to drive faster than the posted speed limit.  Pennsylvania auto insurance rates on sports cars, however, are different from other states due to the different definitions of sports cars.  Unfortunately for sports car drivers, the only constant in PA car insurance prices for sports cars is that they will be higher than other vehicles — and, in tandem with higher car payments, are likely to put the squeeze on car owners.


Each insurer will use a different definition or procedure to classify a sports car.  This is based upon the components of each vehicle as well as the origin of manufacture.  Insurance companies determine the classification with make and model, the size of the engine, the cylinders, horsepower, and physical size and weight of the automobile.  While the rule of thumb is that sports cars have two doors, they may be classified under PA car insurance rates by their engine capabilities as well.


PA car insurance prices and premiums are always higher for sports cars, as well as high performance automobiles.  Some of the most expensive cars on the market include foreign cars like the BMW M series and the Jaguar XJ-S, as well as domestic cars like the Ford Thunderbird Sport and Dodge Charger.


When you are looking for the best Pennsylvania car insurance rates for sports vehicles, the key to keeping costs low is to compare as many quotes as possible.  Companies give online quotes based only on occupation and driving history, making it possible for a person to collect several different options.  Include information on all the auto’s features in order to determine whether any could give you a discount.  If you include anti-theft devices or window etchings on your policy, it is possible to get discounts on Pennsylvania auto insurance rates.


There are different types of insurance available to car owners in Pennsylvania, but for a sports car owner the most important policy to own will be property damage insurance.  The minimum required level of coverage in PA is five thousand dollars, but a sports car owner will need much more than that in the event that their automobile is damaged or even totaled.  The average sports car costs just over sixty thousand dollars, and if you vehicle is vintage or a collector’s item, it will be worth even more money.  While it may not be necessary to take out a property damage insurance coverage worth six figures, it is necessary to consider the risks of driving on PA roads and adjust your rates to match the possibility of the worst happening in an auto accident.  Given that parts and service for sports cars cost more than other automobiles, it necessitates even greater coverage rates for a sports car.