I probably should start off with saying that I’m very grateful for the insurance business, it has provided me with many great opportunities, friendships and a good living.  Having so many clients who are referring friends, family, coworkers to my office is a blessing that I take very seriously. I’m grateful to each and every person who not only chooses us…but then tells others about their positive experience.  You can be assured that we will continue to do everything we can to make you happy you joined us.


   This is the time of year that I officially become semi-retired.  If I had my way…and didn’t have thousands of clients depending on me…I’d archery hunt every day of the season.  The feeling of sitting 25 feet up in a treestand…feeling almost invisible in the forest is an awesome feeling. Yeah, harvesting game is nice too…but my enjoyment comes from the quiet time, alone or with one of my daughters(not quite so quiet time) and watching nature take it’s course. Sometimes I wonder if I could go and just take a camera…sorry bambi lovers…not quite ready for that yet. So…I’m off to scout, climb trees and otherwise become a nuisance to the whitetail deer population. Please leave a message when you call and try to be remember that any of the gals in my office can probably help you out of your emergency just as well as I can….trust me!



  Since Google watches my site pretty regular…now I have to add some keyword phrases that makes them think I’m talking insurance jibberish. Then they move my site up through the ranks and when one of the internet shoppers types something in google about things like pennsylvania car insurance quotes, pa auto insurance, pennsylvania senior auto insurance discounts, pennsylvania free auto insurance quotes and erie insurance agents they get my site right up there near the top. Hey, competition for this geeky stuff is gettin fierce so if I want my hunt time….I gotta squeeze this stuff in there.

   Thanks again for letting us serve you, it’s a pleasure.



P.S. If you have one of these guys eating your shrubs, garden, etc. and you need him removed…call me!  As always, I try to help when I can.