Progressives snapshot program is a win, win situation. Good and great drivers get discounts up to 30%. Other drivers learn why they do not qualify. This exclusive program is also available at Williams Agency in both Pa and NY states. The five advantages of this program is the easy snap-in and forget-it device which increases driver’s awareness. Drivers cannot cheat, have their privacy invaded or be penalized with higher insurance premiums.


The Snapshot Program


This is a convenient device that plugs into a diagnostic point on cars and trucks built in 1996 or later. It reports driving activity to the insurance company’s receiver. If the policy holder has multiple cars, each vehicle is equipped with its own transmitter. Once the unit is installed, the driver simply forgets about it and goes about his or her business as usual.


Driver Awareness


Once the unit is installed, drivers can check their driving performance by going online. Because people are aware the behavior insurance company’s reward, they are more conscious about automobile use. This device records miles driven, the time of day vehicles are on the road and when the brakes are used hard. Discounts are given to vehicle operators who gently break, put on fewer miles and operate the car or truck during off-peak driving times and avoid midnight to 4 AM trips. Many accidents happen between midnight and 4 AM especially on weekends.


No Cheating Allowed


Removing the device does not work. If the snapshot is unplugged from a vehicle for a few minutes or a few hours, that information is transmitted to the insurance company. There is no way to avoid recording peak hour drives or aggressive behavior by removing the transmitter periodically without creating a record of the laps. This program lasts six months. Qualified drivers began receiving discounts on their insurance after 30 days.




The information collected is almost always confidential. In fact, the insurance company will not even share the information to resolve an accident claim without the driver’s permission. Between this privacy guarantee and insurance savings, car owners should get Pennsylvania car insurance quotes to see how much money they can save. Williams Agency has a six minute online quoting process. The information collected is sent to 10 different insurance providers. The average customer saves $411 with this process. Although there is no guarantee every automobile owner will save money, two out of three customers reduce their Pa car insurance rates.


No Risk Results


People using this special snapshot program can only save money; they cannot be penalized for poor driving habits. In other words, their insurance premiums may drop. The insurance company cannot increase the cost of auto insurance.

Progressive’s snapshot program is a great way for any driver to check his or her driving habits. Small adjustments equal big rewards. Drivers who qualified reduce their insurance rates up to 30%.  Getting started is easy; all drivers need to do is come in, telephone or check out the webpage of William Agency in Bradford, Pennsylvania.