Researching insurance companies is a time consuming, and often overwhelming, process. For as long as you’re driving in Pennsylvania, you’ll need a car insurance policy. Looking at the different companies isn’t something that is easy, so finding an Erie insurance agent to help you will ensure that you get a great insurance policy. So forget about price comparisons and taking everyone’s word for it, an agent will find you great insurance.


There is much to learn about the car insurance business inside Pennsylvania. Since the commonwealth operates under the Tort System, it costs more than the national average. An Erie insurance agent will explain the requirements of insurance when working under the Tort System so that you can find the best policy for your needs. A no fault state is easier and sometimes less costly because if no one is at fault, the two insurance companies split the costs of damage based on covering their own insured person. A Tort System requires that one person in the accident is found at fault, and, as a result, that person’s insured company handles all damages – both personal injury and property. This can be very costly, and as a necessity, insurance premiums are higher.


Pennsylvania allows insurance companies to use your personal credit history when it comes time to quoting you a rate. Based on what your credit history is, they can add coverage, increase rates, or even require you to pay monthly versus quarterly. Having an Erie insurance agent act as your liaison between the insurance company and yourself will ensure that you are getting the best possible deal, regardless of what your current (or past) credit history is like.


An Erie insurance agent will also ensure that you are getting credit for everything that you can possibly get. Without an insurance agent, you would have to learn everything there is to save you money. With an agent, they have the knowledge and expertise to get you credit for all the safety features of your car and other things to get you the rate you deserve. Whether your car is 5 star safety rated or not, you can still get credits for a safe car. Airbags, anti-theft measures and other safety features will lower your insurance rate because they ensure that your car won’t get as damaged in the event of an accident.


When you’re shopping around for car insurance, whether it’s your first car or just want a better rate, you’ll do better by having an Erie insurance agent act on your behalf. They understand the business and the Pennsylvania laws, so they will make sure that you get credit for everything you do, as well as everything on your car. Further, they’ll make sure that the features you want in a company is represented without you having to do the hours and hours worth of research. Dozens of insurance companies are out there, completing for your business, so an agent will weed through them all, giving you great insurance without all of the headaches.