Regardless of where you live in Pennsylvania, if you drive a car, you will need car insurance. It’s a mandatory requirement of all drivers. If you cannot show proof of interest, you’re looking at having your car impounded, your license suspended, or paying heavy fines. This means that you need to get insurance. Contacting Erie insurance agents will ensure that you get a good rate.


Your insurance rate is comprised of a dozen or so different factors. It starts with the amount of coverage for bodily injury and personal damage. The state of Pennsylvania has certain minimum requirements that everyone must carry. If you choose to carry more or have different deductibles, it will all affect your rate. A deductible is the amount of money you’ll have to pay before insurance steps in and covers the rest. The higher the deductible, the less amount of money you’ll have to pay. Based upon your current driving history, you may opt for a high deductible by gambling on the fact that you don’t think you’ll be involved in an accident. Contacting Erie insurance agents will help you to make this decision much easier.


Erie insurance agents will let you know of all the different discounts they can offer you. The car you choose will be one of the most predominant factors to why you have a great rate or a not so great rate. The amount of safety features you have in your car will reduce your insurance rate. The more safety features you have, the lower your rate will be. The simple premise with this is that if you are driving a car with airbags and a variety of other features, then the chances of you being involved in an accident that causes a high dollar amount of damage is greatly reduced, thus making the need to charge you a lot for insurance significantly less.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not a no-fault state. This means that they operate under the Tort System which ensures that one of the drivers in an accident must be found to be at fault for causing the accident. The at-fault party is then responsible for all damages – for property and personal injury. Because the at-fault person is responsible, that means that their insurance company is then responsible for the damages. When one company alone is responsible for damages, it becomes necessary to charge more to the insured overall. The Tort system is why Pennsylvania has higher insurance rates than the national average; however Erie insurance agents will ensure you get the best rate.


Shopping around for insurance can be overwhelming. Every company claims they have the lowest rates and they all have different features that make them a strong competitor. By using Erie insurance agents, you can define what you’re looking for in an insurance company and allow them to shop the competition for you. They will then take all the different aspects of what you want in an insurance company, as well as your budget for premiums, and find the company (and the rate) that’s best for you.