As Erie Insurance agents for the past 26 years we’re treated to head to head competition every day. Many times we hear competitors claiming to be “as good as Erie Insurance” and we take that as a direct compliment. Being in the trenches every day gives us the experience to see who is truly competitive and who’s a “flash in the pan” as far as competition goes.


This incredibly fast paced insurance industry has gone from zero to 100 in the past few years. Who would have ever thought your credit score would determine your auto insurance rate? Programs giving huge senior auto insurance discounts are now the norm. Other programs for teenage drivers in pennsylvania have cut young driver rates dramatically.  Just a few years ago these were two classes of business that were traditionally susceptible to higher claims activity than other driver classes. What is this saying?… I think it’s saying that the insurance companies have determined a rate for almost every category of driver and they’ve figured out how much to charge and still come away with a profit. Will this mean that some will feel cheated, left out ?…sure it will. There are so many factors that are taken into account when calculating a rate it will never be the same again. 


What’s Erie Insurance doing to help make insurance more affordable? They’ve got several programs that provide deep discounts to seniors and teenage drivers who have completed proper training and educational courses. Erie has extra coverages that makes them the envy of the competition and rates that are much lower in most cases.  In some states Erie has introduced a new coverage option deemed Rate Protection. This new endorsement will allow clients to lock in their auto insurance rates forever if they choose to accept the option.  First thing I though was…”sure , how much extra will that cost?” Turns out, many times the cost to add the rate protection ends up being less overall than the initial premium that was quoted. Go figure!!