Our home is our haven at the end of the work day. Here we keep all our valuables and look forward to relaxation and privacy. Our home shelters me and my family, keeping us safe and protected. Our home is our most expensive and valuable investment. Cheap Pennsylvania homeowners insurance provides affordable protection for the home we love.


When we bought our home, our mortgage company required us to carry homeowner insurance so they are protected from loss if something happens to the house before we finish paying for it. We also wanted insurance coverage to protect ourselves so we can rebuild or repair it if something happens. We wanted as much coverage as we could afford, but we sure did not want to pay any more than we had to for good coverage. We also wanted to find a reputable insurance company with good customer service when claims have to be filed.


First, we got recommendations on different insurance companies from friends and family members who use them. We also checked online for names of the leading companies selling insurance in our state. Next, we decided what types of coverage we wanted to request and gathered the information we needed to provide the companies in order to receive a realistic policy cost quote. We gave the agents the value, age, and square footage of the house. We told them about our safety devices of an alarm system and smoke detectors. We also figured up what our furniture and other home contents were worth. Then we gathered a dozen Pennsylvania home insurance quotes and studied them. We compared the quality of the different coverage policies and the company’s reliability as well as the total cost.


We discovered that if we bundled our homeowners insurance with our auto insurance, we received a bigger discount. Our family is very safety conscious but we learned that by doing a few things more, like adding carbon monoxide detectors upstairs and downstairs and putting a fire extinguisher on each level, we also got a break on our rates. We learned about liability concerns about our family’s trampoline and added a safety net so we could insure it. We bought a fire and waterproof safe to keep jewelry, guns,  and important papers inside. One agent suggested we develop a family emergency escape plan and practice it and we did. We accepted the highest deductible we could afford to help keep our overall rates down. Our house is now covered for fire, smoke, tornados, fallen trees, wind damage, broken windows, burglary, vandalism, hail and other weather related-damages, and water damage from plumbing leaks. We covered the contents of our house for their replacement value, not their actual value. This way we can get the latest electronics to replace ours if they are stolen or destroyed and we can replace all our furniture and clothes if we ever have the need.


In the next few years, we want to install an in-ground swimming pool. Thanks to our insurance company, we already know what we have to do to make it safe and affordable to insure when the time comes. We will also review our house and contents coverage annually now to make sure we keep enough insurance coverage for all our needs. We found the Williams Agency had detailed information, which helped us a lot. Check them out online at Williams-agency.net if you need rate quotes and help to find the right insurance for your home.