Someone help me out here…


I realize I’m stuffed in this office most of the daylight hours….but….when did common sense and hard work get replaced by lazy freeloaders texting away while getting a paycheck?


Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the same thing I’m talking about.  The clerk at the mini-mart ? looking up from texting as if you were a huge pain in her ass for stopping to buy your coffee? Can’t you see she has important things to do? Like texting her tattoo guy for an update on her appointment ? Gees man,could you be a little more considerate next time?


Now I’m hearing talk of complaints, lawsuits from employees who have had their cell phones restricted by their employer…seriously? yeah seriously!  So…just so I’ve got this straight…I can give you a paycheck to support your family…but I can’t really tell you to get off the phone while you’re on my time? Alrighty then…sign me up.


OK one more pet peeve and I’ll get off my soapbox…hey, get your own blog if you don’t like it.


They’re replacing a bridge now near my home and I can’t believe the brain trusts that have planned this project. Here’s the percieved plan of action….

Step 1- block off the highway and re-route working folks 10 miles out of their way

Step 2- take a mini vacation for one week to rest up for the project- at least don’t be seen anywhere near the job site for one week

Step3- begin tearing out old bridge

Step 4- old bridge is now out- order materials for new bridge- absolutely do not order these one day prior to completion of tearing out old bridge

Step 5- wait 3 days to one week for material

Step 6- Materials show up for bridge, get construction going

Step 7- Bridge is built, now order guide rails

Step 8- wait several days for materials

Step 9- install guide rails

Entire time to install new bridge the spans 12 feet across a 4 foot wide stream- one month-give or take a week


Skip backward 60+ years to WWII and the bailey bridges that were carried in by soldiers and installed in one day. Skip forward again and some of the bailey bridges are still in use. Moral of this story ? 


Well there’s my rant of the day. My apologies to all you hard working folks who actually respect your employer’s right to fire the slackers in an attempt to employ good, honest workers. And one more reason for me to be thankful for the hardworking ladies that make my office run smoothly day in and day out.


 What’s this have to do with Pennsylvania auto insurance rates ? absolutely nothing, but I really needed to get that off my chest