When you are purchasing Pennsylvania car insurance, you have rights as a consumer.  If you drive a vehicle on a public roadway in the state of Pennsylvania, you must meet the state minimum requirements regarding liability insurance.  If you have a loan against your vehicle, the bank has the right to require you to buy a full coverage policy for your vehicle.  You may not know what the state minimum liability requirements are.  You may be carrying too much insurance coverage because you don’t understand your insurance policy. You have choices as a consumer and you should not be afraid to speak up for yourself when you are buying insurance.   


When you are getting a Pennsylvania car insurance quote, you have the right as a consumer to have an explanation as to why the company is asking for certain information.  You should know how the insurance company will evaluate your information.  If you are unclear as to what the insurance company will do with your information, you should ask for literature that explains how your information will be reviewed.  For example, if the insurance company is asking for your social security number, you need to know how the insurance company will use your social security number.  It may be used to check your identity to make sure that you are who you say you are. 


Make you sure you ask your agent to show you proof that he is licensed by the states of Pennsylvania to sell insurance.  Be aware when you are requesting a Pennsylvania car insurance quote, there are a lot of companies who present themselves as licensed agencies when they are really marketing companies.  It is a common practice for an agency to employ only one licensed agent who signs all official documents. When this happens, the rest of the employees meet with clients on behalf of the licensed agent.  This is not acceptable because when you are getting an insurance quote, you want the expertise of a licensed Pennsylvania insurance agent. 


If you have a complaint about an agency, agent, or insurance carrier, you can always go to the Pennsylvania state department of insurance and file a complaint online.  If an agency sells you an insurance policy that you cannot cancel, you should make a complaint.  If you find that you need to file a claim on your Pennsylvania car insurance policy and the claim never gets resolved, you should definitely file a complaint on both the insurance company and the agency that sold you the policy.