People who live in Pennsylvania and drive a vehicle must have Pennsylvania car insurance.  Car payments are high enough without the added expense of car insurance.  When you shop for car insurance, you should ask several companies to give you quotes.  You may be eligible for discounts and other savings on your car insurance.  Even if you are just paying for liability insurance, you should shop around to get the most competitive rates.  When you are shopping for insurance, you should be aware how to get the cheapest rates.


When you look for car insurance, you should go online and get quotes directly from companies.  If you don’t have to use an agent to get a Pennsylvania car insurance policy, you can often save quite a bit of money.  When you are looking for online insurance companies, check to see how they are going to provide the quote to you.  The most secure way to is to send the quote to you via email. When you get the email, save it and print it.  This way you can start a file that contains quotes from different insurance companies.  Eliminating the agent by going directly through an insurance carrier can lower your premium. 


Another good way to find some cheap Pennsylvania car insurance rates is to use an agent who will shop around for you.  Explain to the agent that you need a cheap car insurance policy and that you will not use that agency unless the monthly premiums are below a set figure.  This way you have set your expectations clearly.  The agent has contacts at insurance companies and he will be able make sure you get all of the discounts for which you are qualified.  An experienced agent can also suggest ways that you can save money such as having more than one insurance policy with the same insurance company. 


You can try calling Pennsylvania car insurance companies directly also.  When you call an insurance carrier, tell them that you need a low rate.  Explain that you will buy a policy today if they can beat their competitors’ prices.  Make sure that the insurance company has accurate information about you.  If you keep your car in a garage overnight at your residence, be sure that the insurance company is aware of this.  Some cars now come with global positioning systems that can track your car if it is stolen and this can save you money when you buy car insurance.