Car insurance is a requirement of all drivers in Pennsylvania.  Drivers have to purchase and keep up the payments on the policy with the insurance company or they notify the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately.  Pennsylvania law calls this “financial responsibility” on your vehicles.

Without insurance, you receive a minimum fine of $300.00.  The suspension of your vehicle registration also means losing yourdriver’s license for a minimum of three months.  You cannot drive, nor can you allow anyone to drive your vehicle while the registration is suspended.

When you buy car insurance, there are additional options that you can add to your basic coverage.  All drivers should check with an insurance agent in Pennsylvania, so the coverage is what you need.  The following are required coverage:

  • Medical Benefits – this coverage helps to pay any medical bills for you, your family, and any passenger covered in the policy.  The minimum required coverage is $5000, but higher limits are available.
  • Bodily Injury Liability – this coverage pays medical, rehabilitation expenses, damages you are liable for in an accident for injuries you caused to others.  The minimum is $15,000/$30,000.  This means there is $15,000 for injuries to one person, but $30,000 would be the maximum available coverage for one accident.
  • Property damage liability –If you have caused damage to another person’s property there is a minimum limit of $5000 coverage required.
  • Limited or Full Tort – Tort is a legal word that means a private or civil wrong or injury.  The state of Pennsylvania sends individuals that have purchased a motor vehicle and has registered them for license plates, a letter to the driver or drivers that apply for insurance for the automobiles.  It is your choice between Limited or Full Tort liability.

In case of an accident or injury, Full Tort coverage could save your families full legal rights in court.  If you choose, Limited Tort, it would save you money on your premiums, but if you or a passenger were in an accident that was determined to be your fault, you are limited in the sums collected unless the injuries are determined to be serious.  It is not very clear by laws what a serious injury is.  Drivers need to think about paying the higher premium for the Full Tort and not taking any chances.  Once selected you cannot change even at your six-month renewals.

The coverage is optional, but very important to consider for car insurance.  As each of us knows all Pennsylvania laws are very concerned for the drivers in the state.  There are still drivers with no coverage, limited coverage, or from states where coverage is not similar.  Your insurance agent can discuss all your options when you purchase the best car insurance in Pennsylvania.