If you’ve been buying pennsylvania car insurance for any length of time you’re no stranger to the common…almost annual rate increase. One of the most common questions we’re asked as insurance agents is how did the insurance go up even though my cars are now a year older. The drivers who haven’t had an accident or violation in many years have a legitimate concern when they feel that they are being penalized for other drivers misfortune. Up until recently the only option we agents had was to shop for better prices with other insurance companies. The downside to switching insurance companies was giving up accident forgiveness, longevity percs and possibly coverages that are no longer offered. To switch companies for a savings and then be penalized if you have an accident is not a good option but more of a gamble that may not be worth the risk to many consumers.


There is now an option that makes the rate increase a thing of the past. This new option called “RateLock” is being offered by Erie Insurance exclusively through their independant agents. This product is so revolutionary that Erie has applied for a patent on the concept. The RateLock option will allow clients to lock in their rate and possibly never see another increase on their car insurance. Imagine the relief of knowing that there will be no surprises when the insurance bill is opened.


Are there some strings attached ? Some fine print? It’s a simple straight forward product from a well respected company so the restrictions are out in the open for everyone to see. Here are the three things that can unlock your rate…temporarily…until you lock it back in after the changes are made.
1.Change a vehicle
2.Change a driver
3.change your address

These aren’t hard to understand but probably deserve a little explanation. If you trade your 2010 Mercedes for a 2011 Ford Fusion you deserve to pay a lower, more appropriate rate for the lower valued car. The same would occur if you traded up to a higher value car.

The change of driver is also fairly simple. If you “locked in” when you had young drivers and now they’ve left home, you’ll want to take them off your policy. Removing a young driver rate is something all parents look forward to. Same thing when adding a new driver. Fortunately for those who add young drivers to their ratelocked policy…the rates are not based on a 16 year olds age as they were in the past. The ratelocked rates are averaged out so parents won’t be shocked by a 16 year old driver rate, but a more averaged rate that is more affordable.


Moving from Bradford, Pa to Philadelphia is a move that will cause your insurance rate to quadruple. Why?, because the cost of doing business and the losses in a city like Philly are astronomically higher than smaller towns in Pennsylvania. The same is true for those who move from the city to rural Pennsylvania. The rates will unlock for your new address and then you have the option to re-lock them again.

This new protection option is available in a number of the states that Erie Insurance operates in. This article pertains to Pennsylvania car insurance so I haven’t gone into any detail about other states. Visiting the Erie Insurance website will help you determine if this program is available in your home state.


I welcome you to visit our site or call my agency for further details on how you can “lock-in” your pennsylvania car insurance rates and avoid another costly rate increase.