Don't Keep Paying For Overpriced Car Insurance

When a new client stopped in recently with an insurance bill he couldn't afford to pay, it really struck home with me. He'd been buying insurance from his agent for the last 10 years and the rates had been slowly going up and up each year.

A few years ago when he threatened to "shop around" his agent told him of all the benefits he'd be giving up if he left. Turns out, his agent only worked for one insurance company, so looking for better rates and coverage was not an option. Kind of makes me wonder who's "best interest" that agent had in mind?

Not only did I get him prices from 14 of the top insurance companies, I found him much better insurance for $631 dollars less. We kept all the benefits he had (like accident forgiveness) and added even more for 39% less money than he'd been paying his old agent. Here's the kicker, we handled all the paperwork, we cancelled his old policy for him and he never left his house to get this new policy. He's been kind enough to send three of his neighbors to us as his thanks.

Here's what we promise everyone:

  • Quotes from 14 top companies, in one easy transaction
  • Same day callbacks/email on quotes, claims, changes.... anything you need
  • Equal or better insurance for less money "average savings is $411"
  • You'll do as little work as possible, we handle all your paperwork "always"
  • Savings you can use for things that are more important
  • Annual "cost reviews" to be sure you're getting the best bargain available

Coverage denied when you need it most

When a new client recently told me she'd been stuck paying a $3300 claim because her old insurance didn't cover "water damage" I couldn't believe it.

Not only did I give her the coverage she really needed on her home, I wrote her autos and home together and ended up saving her $911 a year with coverage that was much better than her old policy. Being victimized by denied claims is the worst time to find out you got "second rate" insurance coverage.

You need to use a trusted, honest professional with a reputation for treating the client right. Check this page and see what many of my new and old clients think of my service and commitment to their satisfaction.

Whether you need cheap Pennsylvania car insurance,senior auto insurance discounts, or to see how much car insurance for teens is we can help.

For Pa car insurance minimums or just cheap car insurance you’ll find the lowest rates right here.

We are Erie Insurance agents as well as agents for Donegal, Grange, Travelers, Progressive, Foremost, Farmers, Hartford and many other top insurance companies in Pa.

We’re not just the best choice for car insurance in Bradford, Pa, we’re saving people on car insurance in Pittsburgh, Allentown, Philadelphia, Johnstown to name a few.

Sean & Amy Tingley

" They saved me over $900.00 and I received more coverage. Thought I was insured in some areas and found out I wasn't "

Amy Tingley
Bradford, Pa

Josh Hatcher

" I've heard that Williams Insurance Agency saves people money. I did not believe it. They ALL say they save people money. So I kept putting it off until I had to make a change to my insurance policy.

When I walked in the door, and they gave me a quote, they literally CUT MY BILL IN HALF.

They went through all of the options until they found me the best possible deal!

Add to that, the staff are so friendly, and go out of their way to help out…. a welcome change from my previous insurance companies. "

Josh Hatcher
Bradford, Pa

Maria Carr

" I am so pleased that I have Erie Insurance. Not only did I save $60/month on my car insurance, but I now have collision coverage as well.

I have an agent who is there for me whenever I have questions, concerns or problems with anything relating to my car insurance coverage.

Having dealt with another agency where I did not have an agent locally, I can appreciate the value of friendly service when an advocate is needed.

Thank you and your staff for all you do for the community! "

Maria Carr
Bradford, Pa