Williams Agency’s  Service Team


Proud to offer Bradford PA Insurance 

                Patricia VanSkiver – Licensed Agent/Client Services

                Benjamin Kirsch– Commercial Account Manager

                Kristen Pecen – Client services/Claims specialist- licensed agent

                Dan Williams- Licensed agent/owner

                Justin Willoughby- Agency Connection Representative

                Ashley Hatch –  Licensed Agent/ Life- Medicare Insurance Specialist





We’re regular working Bradford, Pa folks like you. Our willingness to go the extra mile for clients is what sets us apart from our peers. Whether it’s finding more discounts… to taking care of a weekend claim, our customers give us the highest grades for client satisfaction. Our goal is always saving you as much money as possible. According to many clients, the value of our “service” is as valuable as the money they saved by switching to us. We guarantee an “over the top” service experience to every client…every time. Call us at the Williams Agency for a Bradford PA Insurance quote!


Since 1986 the Williams Agency has been providing our clients with options and insight regarding their individual needs in a “one on one” setting. The customer has always been #1 in every aspect of our business… our tremendous growth and customer satisfaction are a direct testament to that fact. I encourage you to make contact with any of our office staff and see for yourself if we haven’t gone “above and beyond” to ensure your satisfaction. Our way of doing business may be a bit old-fashioned, but the one thing we’ve found that never goes out of fashion is “listening” to our clients. Personal meetings with clients allow us the opportunity to hear your concerns and focus on the coverage that you feel is best for your circumstances.


For the past two decades, we have proudly represented the Erie Insurance Group.

This A+ rated carrier has been the mainstream provider of  Pennsylvania Auto, Home, Business and Life Insurance for thousands of our area clients. In an effort to bring our clients the satisfaction of comparison shopping with national carriers and to broaden our ability to help with any type of Pennsylvania insurance, we began to add other preferred companies in 2001. Since that time, we have established relationships with many of the leading national companies and can now offer insurance products for just about any type of risk imaginable.

New clients can be assured that their insurance has been presented to many different companies for review before we have presented them with the best available option.


Where Are We Located…. Right in the heart of McKean County at

509 E Main St

Bradford, Pa  16701







Local Phone  814-368-6980      Fax is 814-368-9199

Toll-free 800-392-5621 

Here’s  What Some of Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us


“Besides the fact that the Williams Agency saved me hundreds of dollars a year, the service I receive is great.  They just handle everything and also inform me of what I need to have for proper coverage.  Also, I was in a spot when I needed my insurance company’s help.  They got it done, the check was in the mail and I was back in business.  Great job guys!”

                                                                                     –H. Cousins   Eldred, PA


“I saw Dan’s ad recently, and what he’s saying is true.  He saved us $1460 a year and it was actually as quick and easy as he promised. The staff was very friendly and helpful” 

                                                                          M & R Farnsworth Sr        Bradford, Pa


“To make this simple, there is no comparison between my old agent and my current agent. It’s truly like night and day. My only regret is I didn’t switch my insurance over sooner. The service is outstanding, and as a bonus saved around $1500 combined on insurance policies without compromising my coverage

Tim & Kim  Burgess    Bradford, Pa




What Do People Think of Our Claim Service ?

When you find out how good that insurance is….

Here’s one email I received recently:

Dear Dan,

I have been with the agency for less than a year and was in my first accident ever. I remembered what your welcome packet said and call the office right away. I was greeted by a women on the other line and told her what had happened. The first words she spoke  was “Are you alright?” and “Is the other person alright?” We both were, but very shaken. She was so kind and walked me through what was needed to be done. The other women was on her phone with her insurance office while I was with mine. After it was all said and done the other women said that her agent was in a staff meeting and was to busy to talk with her and noone could help her right now. I thought this poor women was just in an accident and her agent was too busy to assist her. She asked me who I have insurance through and I said Williams Agency. She told me that she just might be switching because of the comfort and service I received.  So I would like to say kudos to your staff for being concerned with my well being and giving me the service that I hope more people receive. This is truly a word of mouth I will be spreading. Thanks again, Mrs. Thara Tyler

I couldn’t be more pleased. The assessment was done right away, Robert Drost was wonderful. The Claim was filed, the money was sent the work is done already. My garage is better than it was before the fire, Thank You”                   Nancy Bridge    Bradford, Pa



I can’t thank you enough for the way you helped. Your quick service helped me put my house back together quickly”       Heath Cousins      Eldred, Pa

“My claim was processed & completed within a matter of minutes…this was a very positive experience. They were polite and courteous, which is what I’m looking for in an insurance company”  Harry Solarek   Bradford, Pa

“Between Jacqueline and Dan you both took care of everything, you were both great! This claim was handled far above and beyond, thank you”              Millard Taylor     Bradford, Pa


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